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AIC tech Inc.'s Approach to Personal Information Protection

AIC tech Inc. has fixed the personal information protection policy given below, informed executive staff and workers, and is striving to protect personal information appropriately by following this policy.

Definition of Personal Information

For AIC tech Inc., personal information is information that is related to existing persons and that can be used to identify specific persons (for example, names, birth dates, numbers assigned to individuals, symbols or other marks, images, or voice recordings, and relevant information). This includes information that cannot be used to identify individuals by itself, but can be used to identify individuals by easy cross-referencing with other data. Personal information is not limited just to information that can identify individuals, but also includes all information that indicates facts, decisions, or evaluations relating to a person's attributes (such as a person's height or build, finances, work type, or position).

Based on the Personal Information Protection Policy given below, AIC tech Inc. will pay detailed attention to, and expend the utmost efforts on, protecting and managing such information.


This "About Personal Information Protection" document establishes the handling of personal customer information by AIC tech Inc.

Personal Information Protection Policy of AIC tech Inc.

  1. Collecting, Using, and Providing Personal Information
    While carefully considering the entrusting of customer information during company activities, AIC tech Inc. will handle such information appropriately by establishing a management system for personal information protection for each type of business, and also by following stipulated rules for collecting, using, or providing personal information.
  2. Following Laws and Norms
    For the handling of personal information, AIC tech Inc. will follow the Japanese laws and norms applicable to the protection of relevant personal information.
  3. Implementing Safety Measures
    To ensure the correctness and safety of personal information, in accordance with the rules for information security, AIC tech Inc. will implement various measures (such as managing access to personal information, restricting the means for transporting personal information outside the company, and preventing incorrect access from outside the company), and strive to prevent any problems with personal information (such as the loss, destruction, falsification, or leakage of information).
  4. Respecting a Person's Rights Regarding His or Her Personal Information
    When a customer makes a request to reveal, correct, or delete his or her own personal information, or seeks to prevent the use or provision of such information, AIC tech Inc. will respond with sincerity, respecting the customer's rights related to that personal information.
  5. Establishing Rules for Managing Personal Information Protection, and Making Continual Improvements
    AIC tech Inc. will make sure that executive staff and workers recognize the importance of personal information protection, and will steadily establish rules for managing personal information to ensure that such information is used appropriately and is protected. These rules will be maintained and improved continually.

Purpose of Using Personal Information, and Providing to Third Parties

  1. AIC tech Inc. will use personal information only to achieve the following listed purposes.
    1. To execute contracts between a customer and AIC tech Inc.
    2. To contact for discussions or meetings with customers
    3. To provide after-service for products
    4. To send guides for conventions or meetings, or guides for new products, and to process Marketing and Sales activities
    5. To provide various types of member services
    6. To perform stock-related tasks
    7. To respond to various types of inquiries
    8. To perform analysis to improve products or services, based on surveys
    9. To provide personal information to AIC tech group companies when AIC tech Inc. co-operates with a AIC tech group company to carry out some business tasks.
  2. AIC tech Inc. will not provide customer personal information to a third party without first obtaining consent from the customer, except in the following circumstances:
    1. When required by law
    2. When required to protect human life, to avoid injury, or to protect assets, and when obtaining customer consent would be difficult.
    3. When required to improve public health or improve the healthy upbringing of children, and when obtaining customer consent would be difficult.
    4. When required to co-operate with the lawful activities of a national agency, local government organization, or person or organization entrusted with such a task, and obtaining customer consent would interfere, or be likely to interfere, with the carrying out of such activities.
    5. When entrusted with the handling of personal information, in the range of activities required to reach the purpose of the use.
    6. When providing personal information to continue business activities when business-related events such as mergers occur.
  3. When required to do so for business activities in which AIC tech Inc. is co-operating with AIC tech group companies, AIC tech Inc. sometimesprovides AIC tech group companies with personal information (such as names, workplaces, home addresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers, email addresses, etc.).
    In such cases, the customer personal information is provided on paper or electronic media. The customer can request AIC tech Inc. to stop the provision of the personal information to a AIC tech group company.

About Usage of Cookies and Web Beacons

To aid customers use AIC tech Inc. websites more conveniently,some AIC tech Inc. websites may use cookies or web beacons (clear GIF). By adjusting their web browser settings, customers can refuse cookies or display warnings when cookies are installed. For details, see the documentation for your web browser. By refusing to accept cookies, customers can refuse web beacons. However, please understand that a refusal to use cookies may prevent usage of all or part of the services provided by the AIC tech Inc. website.


  1. Cookie
    A cookie is piece of information that enables interaction between the web server that manages a website and a customer's web browser. A cookie may be stored as a file on the customer's computer disk.
    When a cookie is used, the web server can record information such as which computer visited which pages on the website. AIC tech Inc. may collect cookies stored on your computer and link the collected behavior history with your personal information.
  2. Web beacon
    This technology, which functions with a cookie, enables the beacon owner to know how many times a customer accessed a particular page. However, unless the customer enters his or her own personal information when, or after, the cookie is accepted, AIC tech Inc. cannot identify an individual customer.

About Requests to Reveal Personal Information or Reception of Complaints

For customer personal information maintained by AIC tech Inc., please carry out the following when requesting AIC tech Inc. to reveal, correct, add, delete, stop usage of, stop providing to a third party, or provide a purpose-of-use report for personal information (hereafter, collectively referred to as "reveal, etc."), or when sending a complaint:

  1. For requests to reveal, etc., personal information provided by a customer to business staff of AIC tech Inc.:
    Please contact the relevant business staff.
  2. For requests to reveal, etc., personal information provided by a customer in a AIC tech Inc. website:
    Please contact the staff who manage the relevant home page.
  3. For requests to reveal, etc., personal information other than for the above cases (1 and 2):
    Note the following points about requests to reveal, etc., personal information provided by a customer to AIC tech Inc. business staff, and requests to reveal, etc., personal information other than personal information provided on a AIC tech Inc. website:
    1. Request Format
      Please download and use the following form: "Request Form to Reveal, etc, Personal Information" If you cannot download this form, please contact AIC tech Inc. by fax or post. The address is given below, in the section "Inquiries about Revealing, etc., Personal Information (Entry Sample)".
      ・To download the request form:"Request Form to Reveal, etc, Personal Information" (PDF format, 82kbytes)
      ・Sample entries in the request form:"Request Form to Reveal, etc, Personal Information (Entry Sample)" (PDF format, 91kbytes)
    2. Attached Documents
      Please attach the following two documents to "Request Form to Reveal, etc, Personal Information":
      1. Documents proving the customer's identity (For details, see "About Documents Proving a Customer's Identity" (PDF format, 11kbytes))
      2. Proof of fee payments or a sheet of postal money order (Not required for requests to correct, add to, or delete personal information.)
    3. Fee Payment
      A fee of 800 yen needs to be paid for revealing personal information or for a purpose-of-use report. For details, see "About Fee Payments" (PDF format, 7kbytes). You do not need to pay fees to correct, add to, delete, or stop usage of personal information; or to stop provision of the personal information to third parities.
      Fees will not be returned when the personal information is not revealed or a purpose-of-use report is not provided due to the fact that AIC tech Inc. does not have the customer's personal information, or for law-related reasons.
    4. Request Method
      Please send the documents listed in i, ii, and iii in a registered letter to the request destination specified in e.
      Customers are required to pay the cost for the registered letter.
      Please provide the following documents:
      1. The document "Request Form to Reveal, etc, Personal Information", with all information entered and signed or stamped with your personal seal.
      2. Document(s) proving the customer's identity (For details, see "About Documents Proving a Customer's Identity".)
      3. Fee payment confirmation or a sheet of Postal Money Order For details, see "About Fee Payments".
    5. Destination to Send Request
      Information Security Office
      AIC tech Inc.
      1065, Kugeta, Moka, Tochigi 321-4521, Japan
    6. Reply from AIC tech Inc.
      AIC tech Inc. will send the reply to the customer's address that is written in the document proving the customer's identity. Only the customer can accept the post (specified recipient only). AIC tech Inc. usually requires 2 weeks to carry out internal company investigations. If more than 2 weeks are required, AIC tech Inc. will contact the customer.
  4. For complaints relating to AIC tech Inc.'s handling of personal information:
    Enter the necessary details in the "Complaints Form Concerning Handling of Personal Information" (PDF format, 31kbytes) and send it to the following address, or contact by mail or telephone.
[Complaints Contact Location]

AIC tech Inc.
1065, Kugeta, Moka, Tochigi 321-4521, Japan 

To Download Complaints Form: "Complaints Form Concerning Handling of Personal Information" (PDF format, 31kbytes)

Request to Customers

  1. Most of the services provided by AIC tech Inc. can be used without requiring customer personal information. However, please understand that some services cannot be provided unless the customer provides personal information to AIC tech Inc.
  2. Please understand that AIC tech Inc. is not responsible for the safety of personal information at websites of other companies which are linked to the website of AIC tech Inc.
  3. It is assumed that the customer agrees to the contents of this "About Information Protection" document when the customer enters personal information into a AIC tech Inc. website. If the customer does not agree with this "About Information Protection" document, the customer may be unable to use some of the AIC tech Inc. services (including responses to inquiries, etc.).
  4. When a customer contacts AIC tech Inc. by telephone, the conversation may be recorded to aid accurate replies.

Special Notes

  1. The personal information protection policy of AIC tech Inc. is based on Japanese law.
  2. AIC tech Inc. may modify this "About Information Protection" document as appropriate to accommodate improvements in the handling of personal information, or changes or additions to laws or other norms.
  3. This "About Personal Information Protection" document goes into effect from the day it is published (including the update day).
  4. If statements in this document are covered by individual regulations regarding personal information, those regulations take precedence.

Inquiries About Personal Information

To make requests to reveal, etc., personal information (excluding complaints), please use the "Inquiry Entry Form". Alternatively, you can contact us by email ( When contacting us by email, please clearly enter the same information that is required for entries into the online form.

Note: Personal information sent to the above contact addresses is not preserved by AIC tech Inc., and is deleted when a reply is made to the inquiry. 

Enactment date: 2005/04/01

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